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4 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Morgan Walker, Mjr.Rt. says:

    Awsome job.. Turn a life changing event into a benefit. My hats off to you, and the Comedic Warrior’s.
    I proudly stand, at full attention, as a brother in arms.

    Mjr. Walker
    US Navy, Medical Retired
    Group 3 / Asset Specialist
    Desert Storm

  2. Kevin Boulier says:

    Hey Joe, I’m the Southwest flight attendant that worked your flight back from L.A. last night (6/3). Just want to let you and Steve know that we really enjoyed having you guys aboard. I’ll be checking your website out to try to see one of your shows. Keep up the good work and hope to see you on another SWA flight. Next time, you do the announcements. Maybe the passengers will listen to you!

  3. Abbey Ludeau says:

    Thanks Joe for coming to share and bring laughter to us caregivers today! Your message was inspiring and hilarious. I know my husband will enjoy your humor. As always thank you for your service and sacrifice. Your message will continue to inspire and bring HOPE!!!!!!

  4. Kathy Gumph says:

    Hi Joe,
    Always happy to see your latest success stories.
    Hugs to Chico…(okay, you too).
    Kathy from PAWS

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