Wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2003 Joe spent almost two years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC learning how to walk with what remained of his leg.  In February 2005, Joe underwent a below-knee amputation and 30 days later when he was fitted with his first prosthetic device he was already able to walk better than he had since his injury.

Joe began his standup comedy career in January 2012 when he finally ran out of excuses of why he couldn’t get on stage and tell jokes.  Winning the open mic competition at Magooby’s Comedy Club in Maryland at his first show was just the start of great things to come.

Joe’s passion for telling jokes and helping others realize that laughter truly is the best medicine led him to become part of the documentary “Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor.”  This film, essentially an in-depth comedy workshop allowed Joe to work with nationally known comedians and provided a jumpstart to his comedy career.  Now with a leg-up in the comedy world Joe has performed across the country and is pursuing his dream of helping others through laughter.

In addition to finding something to laugh at no matter how much pain is involved, Joe also works as a motivational speaker using his own experiences and struggles to show what can be overcome with no more than a positive attitude and the determination to accomplish one’s goals. Joe has spoken at schools, business groups, social clubs and non-profit organizations.

Joe lives in Baltimore, MD with his two sons and his service dog Chico. He can be seen entertaining all over the Baltimore area from comedy clubs, to coffee houses and sometimes to very small groups in his living room.